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Computer Science

IT is the new “it” career 

College grad Nathan McAuley is finding that his passion for computers is paying off, as the IT job sector heats up Canada-wide.As a teenager, Nathan McAuley liked to mess around with his Dad’s old computer.

 “I’d type something in just to see what would happen. Those were the days when you had to type in codes to get the computer to do what you wanted. I was interested in what made a computer tick and what its capabilities were. Eventually I learned enough to design custom accounting and tracking programs to help my Dad with his construction business.”Nathan followed his natural love of computers to college, where he enrolled in the Computer Systems Technology (CST) program. He knew where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do.

After graduation, he immediately landed a contract position in Montreal, developing applications for the pharmaceutical industry. When that ended, the now 24-year-old returned to Edmonton and was quickly hired in a sales position with CompuVision Systems Inc. Headquartered in Edmonton, the company is a full-service system integrator and IT service provider for North American businesses ranging from small to Fortune 500s.

Now an account manager, Nathan serves clients in the construction, biomedical and entertainment areas. He says he loves his job because “there’s something new everyday. I’m dealing with the primary contact at companies. They look to me to solve their problems. It’s like a new job every day, and with the knowledge I acquired at college, I offer solutions to make their business run better.”

“There definitely is a big boom in IT now, says Nathan. “Our HR department is constantly interviewing just to keep up with demand. There are so many opportunities, and so many different branches to go into – that’s what makes this field interesting.”

So how do you get in on this IT boom? College is a smart place to start. A range of one-year certificates and two-year diplomas which span the IT sector are offered, often in both full-time and part-time formats.

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