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Embracing the Future with Information Technology

By Jason Eckert

The expansion of Information Technology has drastically changed how we live, work and play. Only a short time ago computers were reserved for large organizations and used solely for record keeping and analysis of data. In addition, most people who installed these computers typically held a degree in Computer Science or Engineering, which took several years to complete. 

Today, every industry depends on computerized systems.  Nearly all the information that is sent between people within organizations is relayed by computer systems that are designed, installed and configured to perform a certain function. There are countless professionals working to develop and maintain these systems. Within the Information Technology (IT) industry there is a significant need for people that can build and manage these systems that drive our economy and shape the world we live in.

The IT industry comprises Millions of people.  IT professionals are found in virtually every industry.  Banks, hospitals, schools, and companies of all sizes employ IT professionals.   Whether you are viewing your credit card balance or booking an appointment with your doctor, you are interacting with a computer system that was set up by an IT professional.  

One of the greatest benefits to working in IT is the vast number of unique environments that you can work in.  As an IT professional you could find yourself creating the latest system helping to drive and connect our society (and the pay is great too!) The demand for skilled IT professionals grows each year and the types of exciting career paths to embark upon are limitless. 

Since Information Technology encompasses a large number of different job positions and is used around the world, global IT certification examinations have quickly become the standard method used by employers to benchmark the ability of IT job candidates and current IT employees.

To become an IT professional today, you don’t need a Computer Science or Engineering degree.  Many colleges and universities offer IT training that gives you the multiple certifications needed to obtain a job in the IT industry, in only a fraction of the time it takes to complete a degree.  As the IT industry grows, it is clear that IT professionals are a vital piece of any functioning organization. As a result, the career paths for people with the proper training are endless. Take the first step to realizing your career goals – contact a college or university in your area today!

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